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We are a manager-owned company that develops, designs and builds renewable energy solutions anywhere on earth.

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Our leadership team has over 45 years of experience delivering on large scale renewable projects. We are independent and self-funded. We have an expert team of engineers and builders that can implement or advise on the deployment of any project anywhere.

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We can design and engineer a microgrid system to meet your energy needs. Our team specializes in designing and installing renewable energy solutions in remote places all over the world. Our team has built numerous U.S. Embassy and U.S. Department of Defense microgrids around the world.

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Consulting Service

We provide a range of consulting services for your next solar PV, wind, or battery storage project. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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Wind Projects

We have developed wind projects in Serbia because of the need for the Balkans to transition away from coal power. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, currently has smog from the burning of lignite coal plants. With almost 80% of Serbia's energy needs coming from the burning of coal and Serbia’s desire to transition to EU renewable mandates, Serbia will need about 5 gigawatts of renewable energy in the immediate future. We have also developed projects outside of the Belgrade area. Since most wind assets are concentrated around Belgrade, diversifying the portfolio to different areas is more favorable for balancing.

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Solar Projects

Our Serbia solar development projects are at a modest scale. We will develop larger projects after the end of the pause in grid connections that awaits new guidelines from parliament.

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Leadership Team

Our leadership team has over 45 years of experience delivering on large scale renewable projects.


Matt has been managing U.S. Embassy Construction Projects in Africa since 2005 before transitioning to focus on Energy Projects in 2019.


Stephen has 15+ years of management experience in international development, foreign affairs, and public policy advocacy.


Robel is an expert electrical engineer, with 15+ years of experience overseeing intricate electrical design and construction ventures across diverse global landscapes.


Onur has been on the Business Development side of International Construction & International Energy Projects since 2005.

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Race to Zero

The Race to Zero is a United Nations-led campaign that is working to fill that gap — by working with businesses, cities, regions, investors, and financial and educational institutions to commit to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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